Enas Coach Development Program

Become A Better Coach

ICF CertificateOur coach development program helps you build the competencies necessary to become a full-fledged executive coach. You will learn the essentials of effective coaching, and work your way up to coaching the highest executive levels.

The program is being delivered globally through partnerships with premier local training providers.

Its three core modules are Appreciative Inquiry Coaching, Performance Coaching and Executive Coaching. It is supplemented with coaching clinics and regular peer coaching discussions. Throughout the program, you will acquire knowledge and skills that cover the Enas Coaching Framework, coaching skills, leadership models, management tools, assessment and ethics of coaching.

The workshops are highly facilitative, challenging yet fun. Through a combination of discussions, action learning and experiential learning, you will learn how to coach with a focus on organizational systems and root causes of issues, and achieve sustainable behavioral results in your learners.

Completion of the program leads to international certification. Our curriculum is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), so participants who desire ICF credentialing can do so via portfolio application.

Look us up from the ICF website to know more about our ACSTH program.

Why Choose our Program?

Unlike many other coaching programs, our program is developed specifically for coaching in a business environment. With our extensive experience in coaching business leaders and executives, we understand the challenges in large complex organizations and the best ways of coaching people who operate in such environments. The program is designed to be performance-oriented, focused on business results, and to enable you to coach for strategic outcomes.

This program is particularly suited for:

  • Individuals who are considering becoming professional executive coaches
  • HR professionals who want to bring coaching into their organization
  • Experienced managers who already coach informally and desire to follow a formal coaching structure
  • Coaches who want to extend their knowledge and practice

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