Module 1: Appreciative Inquiry Coaching

Gain in-depth understanding of the coaching profession
Be familiar with people-related issues and solutions
Master career and HR coaching

Module 1: Appreciative Inquiry Coaching provides fundamental details of coaching as a profession and develops foundational coaching skills in individuals. You will be guided through the Enas Coaching Framework while learning the tools and techniques you can use in every step. This module builds Appreciative Inquiry skills so you can help your learners focus on strengths and envision a preferred future. You will develop coaching questioning skills that challenge limited beliefs and result to expanded perceptions and accurate responses.


  • To increase appreciation of coaching as a professional field;
  • To increase understanding of the standards and ethics of coaching;
  • To develop and reinforce foundational coaching skills using a tool-based experiential approach;
  • To develop effective coaching questioning skills; and
  • To learn the Enas Coaching Framework that draws from Appreciative Inquiry, Behavioral Coaching and Systems Thinking frameworks.

Duration: 3 days*

*Participants gain 30 hrs of ICF-approved coach training hours upon completion of the module.

Learning approach: Uses the action learning methodology with a good balance of lecture and coaching practice.


A. Contents

    • Enas Coaching Framework
    • Approaches & Methodology
    • Coaching vs. Other Interventions
    • Ethics of Coaching
    • Appreciative Inquiry
    • Coaching Questions
    • Career Development in Network Organizations
    • Typical People-related Issues and Solutions in Organizations
    • Case Studies

B. Activities:

    • Case Analysis
    • Coaching Practice
    • Skills Evaluation & Feedback

C. Certification: Appreciative Inquiry Coaching Certification

Language: English

Facilitator: Leah Zveglich