Module 3: Executive Coaching

Learn the most effective leadership styles
Understand systems thinking and causal loops
Expand your decision making toolkit
Be ready for coaching certification
Master Executive Coaching

Module 3: Executive Coaching advances your leadership knowledge through analysis of different leadership models and theories. It develops your systems thinking ability that enables you to help learners find clarity, gain new insights and make the right judgment calls. You will deepen your decision making toolkit by learning the most effective structure and processes to arriving at the right decision.


  • To gain in-depth understanding of different Leadership Models and Theories;
  • To learn how to use Systems Thinking and Causal Loops to bring clarity on issues;
  • To learn how to use effective decision making tools and its applicability in different situations;
  • To know the details of DOOR certification and ICF credentialing process; and
  • To gain strong proficiency in Executive Coaching.

Duration: 3 days*

*Participants gain 30 hrs of ICF-approved coach training hours upon completion of the module.

Learning approach: Uses the action learning methodology with a good balance of lecture and coaching practice.


A. Contents:

    • Leadership Models & Theories
    • Systems Thinking and causal loops
    • Decision Making Models & Theories
    • Common Executive Coaching Tips
    • Case Studies

B. Activities:

    • Case Analysis
    • Coaching Practice
    • Skills Evaluation & Feedback

C. Certification: Executive Coaching Certification

Language: English

Facilitator: Leah Zveglich